Toyota Safety Sense | advanced safety technology

Manny from Toyota on Front outlines some of his favorite features of the Toyota Safety Sense portfolio of safety features and options - now available on most new Toyota vehicles.
In this first segment, Manny introduces the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) program. Find out what makes it so impressive...
Have you ever drifted into another lane without realizing it? With Lane Departure Alert, you'll stay in the lane you want to be in.
While all drivers should always have their hands at 10 & 2, Steering Assist gives an extra level of safety while on the road.
Drivers should always obey all traffic laws in the jurisdiction in which they are located include all light signals, street signage, speed limits, and other rules of the road. Toyota Safety Sense features will not necessarily prevent accidents, bodily harm, or damage to vehicles and/or property. See for complete program details.
In this segment, Manny outlines the Pre-Collision System; one of the most amazing features under the TSS banner.
Ever heard of Dynamic Radar Cruise Control? No? Well Manny will tell you why it's his favorite feature under Toyota Safety Sense.
In the last segment, Manny reviews the Pedestrian Detection feature as part of TSS & definitely one of the it's best.